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Banquet Hall

Due to Covid, at this time the Nordic Hall is NOT renting the lower-level Banquet Hall to groups or individuals. Please watch the website for when the Banquet Hall will be available to rent for your special events. For any questions about the Banquet Hall, please call 605-789-1551. If no one is available to take your call, feel free to leave a message and someone will return your call.

When the Covid pandemic has passed, the Nordic Hall will rent the lower-level Banquet Hall to groups or individuals for special events such as wedding receptions, anniversaries, dances, banquets, and other celebrations. Your festive occasion in the lower-level Banquet Hall can seat 330 people. Tables and chairs are available for your use.

The Banquet Hall features a large kitchen toward the rear of the eating area with a commercial stove, refrigerator, several deep sinks and even a commercial dishwasher. Restrooms are located on the lower level, as well as on the main level. An alternate entrance toward the rear of the kitchen has more direct access to the kitchen area.

danceThe Nordic Hall on 13th Street in Sioux Falls, SD is a meeting place to enjoy delectable food, experience stimulating conversation and fellowship; and share family-based gatherings.

For Banquet Hall rentals, please contact

Phone or text: (605) 789.1551 or 605.366-3789

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