Nordic Hall Rental Options
Banquet Hall Rental (available)
Office #101 His-N-Her Stylist
Office #102 (occupied)
Office #105 (occupied)
Office #107 (occupied)
Office #108 (occupied)
Office #109 MK Threads Boutique
Office #110 Communicare LLC
Office #111 (occupied)
Office #112 (available)
Office #113 (occupied)
Office #114 (available)
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Contact for Banquet Hall Rental

Call or text 605-789-1551 to learn what is provided with the Banquet Hall rental, what is required to rent it, fees, and availability.

Call or text 605-789-1551 with any questions.


Contact for Office Space Rental


Meet Ordell Krogstad! Ordell is the president of the Nordic Hall Association, and is also a member of the Sioux Falls Sons of Norway. And he sings with the Norse Glee Club.

Ordell has agreed to be responsible for the Office Space rentals. Ordell knows an awful lot about the Nordic Hall and which offices are available to rent. He'll be happy to speak with you.

Contact Ordell by phone: 605-360-8676
or by email: