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Velkommen til Norse Glee Club nettside!
Welcome to the Norse Glee Club web page!

The Norse Glee Club was established on November 2, 1928. The Norse Glee Club is a member of the Norwegian Singers Association of America and also a member of the Sioux Valley Singers Association.

Because of limited membership, the Norse Glee Club has dissolved as a singing group. We meet socially at a local restaurant once a month with the few members that we have. We have become close throughout the years and wish to continue our friendships as long as possible. Some in our chorus have either decided not to sing with a group anymore or are still making a decision about whether to join an alternate Norwegian singing group.

Singers Wanted signThe Norse Glee Club was previously open to all men who enjoy singing. Although they sang several Norwegian songs, they also sang Danish, Finish, Swedish, and a lot of English songs. It was not necessary to know how to speak and understand these languages to sing them. Lyle Kroon's expert direction and grasp of the language phonetics made learning the songs easy.

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